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  • 13 Jun, 2018

The comments below have not been moderated   View all The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline We are no longer accepting comments on this article. By Victoria Wellman Updated: 11:31 BST 5 January 2012 150 View comments ('bundle' function(){ ('top'); }); As far as s go the efforts of one young basketball fan at a college game in Los Angeles appeared at the very least sweet and well-intended Embarrassingly for him however his girlfriend didn't think so and flatly rejected his in front of a stadium of booing spectators The pair were captured on the stadium camera during the half-time entertainment during a game between UCLA and Richmond on December 23.

Proud: Touching on oldest daughter Harriet's recent pregnancy announcement he added 'I am just going to be a granddad. Every bit as sweet and charming as her late husband Mrs Joanne Rogers stole the show on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.". We spoke with Alice last week just a day after her release who told us she's more than prepared to help Kim with cases just like hers in the future Let the planning begin. Beyoncé kicked off her ‘On the Run II’ tour with Jay-Z last week and the Beyhive is buzzing with pregnancy speculation. 8:57 AM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell us Farrah got physical with the security guard after he'd asked her to leave when she got into a verbal altercation with some guests Cops say the man reported she hit him in the face with her forearm grabbed his ear and pushed his head as he tried preventing her from reentering the hotel Officers noted Farrah displayed signs of intoxication during their investigation The guard suffered minor injures and didn't go to the hospital.  7:13 AM PT -- Farrah was booked at 1:48 AM PT she's being held on $500 bail Farrah Abraham was just released from jail after her late night bust in Bev Hills and it looks like she learned a lesson from her arrest she's no longer mouthing off Farrah was swarmed by photographers and reporters outside the BHPD moments after her release We're told she was cited for battery and trespassing and did not have to post bail She's facing misdemeanors The ex-'Teen Mom' star is still rocking the summery 2-piece she was wearing when she got arrested at The Beverly. Tmz broke the story Johnson -- who was sentenced in the '90s to life without parole for her involvement in a drug ring -- wrote Kardashian a heartfelt thank-you letter after learning she was working to set her free late. Conor McGregor has boarded a jet and is returning to the United States where he's scheduled to appear in an NYC courtroom to face charges for his attack on a UFC bus back in April.  McGregor is facing several criminal charges -- including felony criminal mischief -- for the April 5 incident at Barclay's Center when he threw a steel dolly at a. The accuser says the #MeToo movement inspired her to finally file the police report She also claims she wanted the alleged incident recorded in case other accusers come forward.  As we reported -- Kim and her legal team have been in talks for months with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump about Alice's situation She traveled to the White House last month to meet with President Trump to talk prison reform and Alice's case and a week later 45 commuted her sentence. Law enforcement sources in Suffolk County NY tell TMZ Lincoln Adim was convicted of indecent assault and battery on May 21 from an incident that occurred in 2016 Adim was accused of groping and assaulting a woman on a cruise that year Crazy enough his sentence was handed down right before the new season aired on May 28 Adim was sentenced to a year behind bars, with that term being suspended for a two-year probationary period He also has to stay away from the victim and attend 3 AA meetings per week for those 2 years If he doesn't comply with the judge's terms he'd have to serve out a year in jail If he does he can avoid that. Oh and he's also expected to register as a sex offender Brad Pitt seemingly enjoys some me myself and I time because he was seen cruising all by his lonesome just a day after news broke he'd been granted more time with his kids Pitt was spotted in London Wednesday riding his bike near a hotel where his estranged wife, Angelina Jolie is holed up with their six kids Pitt was dressed casually sporting some headphones a hat and shades. Looking ahead: The divisive presenter is poised to marry Vicky his children’s former nanny The rematch was originally slated for Cinco de Mayo but it was derailed when Canelo tested positive twice for PED As we reported Canelo started training again only this time he knows his next opponent The fight's slated for Sept 15 at T-Mobile Arena in Vegas IT'S. The comments below have not been moderated   View all The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Reports Tuesday claimed a judge recently ruled Brad have more communication and time with his kids The stories claimed Jolie is not allowed to monitor phone exchanges between Brad and their children and the judge believed any alleged restriction by Jolie could prove to be harmful to the kids A plan for visitation between Brad and the youngins was also hammered out for while he's in London Tekashi69 is adding more fuel to the fire in his war with fellow rapper Chief Keef this time by taking Keef's baby mama Slim Danger out on a $75k shopping spree at Gucci for her birthday Tekashi posted a clip at the Gucci store in NYC with stacks in his hand and Slim who calls out Keef as a deadbeat dad in the clip "If you don't know how to take care of your girl n***as gonna take care of her for you," 6ix9ine chimes in. The battle got so heated they needed to bring out Diddy as a judge This Is Amazing. Rejected: Audience members look embarrassed while the jilted lover looks forlorn before leaving himself Several blogs are now debating whether the was even genuine since couples have been known to stage such performances at basketball and hockey games in the up for debate is whether since what is intended to be a romantic gesture can quickly become a spectacle of public ridicule proposing in front of an audience is a clever idea at Los Angeles Times confirmed that a UCLA spokesman had said the was not staged And it is perhaps worth noting that the stadium was barely even full at the time which would make it a strange event at which to pull such.

Opt out at any time by sending email to [email protected] by mail to "Privacy Group Warner Bros 4000 Warner Blvd Burbank CA 91522," or by unsubscribing via a link in the email By submitting my email address I agree to the Terms of Service and I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Privacy Policy ‘It started to rain I found a shack I went down on one knee; there was glass on the floor The ring was upside down She said “just get up will you!”’ Despite the rather stilted father-of-four Jeremy admitted he was couldn't wait to exchange vows with Vicky but drew the line at having more children The sisters sport spandex for days in Los Angeles and you'll want to see these looks from every angle. But as he stood up and the UCLA host came over to offer him the microphone her smile turned into a look of mild confusion and boyfriend then reached into his pocket produced a box and said: 'I knew that I was going to do this since the first day that I met you and I figured now was as good a time. Published by Associated Newspapers Ltd Part of the Daily Mail The Mail on Sunday & Metro. Let's talk: Jeremy chatted about his imminent during his latest appearance. By Jason Chester for MailOnline Published: 15:55 BST 5 March 2018 | Updated: 17:51 BST. Michael Phelps is about to strike gold again this time on his Arizona home which he's hoping to sell for $1.6 million more than he paid for it Phelps bought the house in… Lathan says THIS actress' parents asked her "Why would you try to ruin her career?" -- plus hear her AMAZING Roseanne Leo and Taylor Swift tales!. We broke the story Abraham was arrested for allegedly striking a hotel security guard after he asked her to leave because she'd gotten into an altercation with some guests Officers noted she appeared intoxicated Farrah was booked at 1:48 AM for battery and trespassing As of now she's still being held on $500 bail Telepictures and Warner Bros Entertainment Inc may use my email address along with my interests and device data to send me tailored email and other offers through social media or other sites and apps Yes! Telepictures and Warner Bros Entertainment Inc may also share those details with WB/Time Warner Affiliates so they may send me tailored email and other offers Telepictures and Warner Bros Entertainment Inc are requesting this consent on behalf of their affiliates which will use the information under their respective privacy policies Beaming: Jeremy chatted to onlookers as he climbed into the rear of a waiting car We're told the two happened to run into one another while Slim was in town to celebrate her bday She's cool with Tekashi's Tr3way family so Tekashi took her shopping to celebrate Slim made off with a fanny pack sunglasses wallet and a dress totaling more than $75k Unclear if she got to keep the giant 69 chain around her neck As we previously reported the two rappers have ongoing beef that's been going back and forth on social media, and doesn't look like Tekashi's squashing it anytime soon Your. Published by Associated Newspapers Ltd Part of the Daily Mail The Mail on Sunday & Metro. Farrah Abraham got busted at The Beverly Hills Hotel for fighting with an employee TMZ has learned The ex-'Teen Mom' and sometimes porn star was at the schmancy hotel Tuesday night and according to law enforcement sources she got into an argument with a male employee a hotel security guard We're told things got heated she was asked to leave and refused and that's when she allegedly struck the guard.  Not shockingly we're told alcohol might be involved A source tells us Farrah was heard playing the "I'm a celebrity" card -- yelling things like you should know who I am Well the police know now We're told she's being booked for battery and trespassing. 65 View comments ('bundle' function(){ ('top'); }); He’s hoping its third time lucky when he finally marries fiancée Vicky Burton his children’s former twice-married Jeremy Kyle admits his to Vicky 36 got off to a less than auspicious start during a romantic trip to the Caribbean and his favourite holiday destination ng to Loose Women on Monday afternoon the divisive presenter 52 admits his meticulous planning was almost ruined by a stray piece of glass after he produced the ring from. Kim Kardashian West and Alice Marie Johnson are only hours away from meeting face-to-face for the very first time after months of letters and phone calls Sources tell us Kim and her attorney Shawn Holley are currently on a private plane from L.A to Memphis We're told Kim will meet with Alice and her family at what's sure to be an emotional gathering to talk about Kim and Shawn's efforts that eventually got Alice out of prison.  Adim has not been eliminated 3 weeks into the reality show He's still among the remaining men and vying for Becca Kufrin's hand in no biggie right? I don't: A young couple are thrilled to be caught on UCLA's stadium camera - but when the man pulls out an engagement ring things begin to go awry The crowd watched the scene unfold as the young man knelt down to ask for his girlfriend's lly showing great excitement at being given the chance to kiss her partner on the big screen she affectionately reached for his face with a. Family man: Harriet is the only child Jeremy shares with his first wife Kirsty who the ITV host married in 1989 before divorcing the following year He later welcomed children Alice 14 Ava 12 and Henry eight with his second wife Carla Germaine (pictured)A spokesperson confirmed the news to the publication in February adding: 'Jeremy's daughter is pregnant and he is very excited about being a grandfather.'She is expecting the baby later this year.' Jeremy is also a father to children Alice 14 Ava 12 and Henry eight with his second wife Carla Germaine who he divorced in 2016 after 14 years of citing that they had 'sadly grown apart over. Tay going off the radar after being exposed as an exploited child star is only temporary -- 'cause she's got another persona cooking in the kitchen so says a family friend We got Alex Gelbard -- who used to help manage Tay when she was hot stuff -- out in L.A Tuesday and he tells us Tay will be back with something "unique" and different from what fans came to know from the 9-year-old flex rapper In case you missed the Tay saga she and her fam were put on blast after her 'GMA' appearance last month when tons of s leaked of her being coached and given what appeared to be hookah to smoke She's deleted all social. Farrah Abraham lit into the cops who arrested her at The Beverly Hills Hotel but her tone changed dramatically when they hauled her off in a police cruiser -- and it's all on The former 'Teen Mom' and 'Backdoor Teen Mom' star got belligerent while sitting outside the hotel talking to police In this obtained by TMZ she repeatedly yells "Go f**k yourself" to the officers surrounding her Farrah's combative tirade continued when one officer took her wallet She insisted she hadn't struck or injured anyone at the hotel so there was no need to arrest her Obviously cops didn't buy that and hauled her away and that's when she turned on the waterworks sobbing and yelling "I'm not resisting!" Cazzie David and Carly Aquilino are not exactly thrilled that their ex gave the pop star a $93k ring. Hailey Baldwin has seemingly made Justin Bieber the happiest we've seen him in a while so much so JB's back to chatting up fans and paps Justin and Hailey were leaving dinner at Cecconi's Tuesday night in Brooklyn walking arm-in-arm and getting bombarded by fans and photogs Hailey made for a quick escape into their waiting car but Biebs was super friendly -- talking to fans photogs -- and even taking a trip down memory lane with some locals The two who dated briefly in 2015 were first spotted back together in Miami over the weekend Looks like they can't quit each other now that their romance has moved to the. Gelbard's not working with Tay anymore but he seems optimistic the kid can bounce back. Hanging with Rick Rubin's a. Looking for an escape: After considering the ring her expression turned serious and the crowd began to shout 'say yes!' When he opened the box to present the ring the young woman's attitude appeared to change She asked him a barely audible question which could have been: 'Is this a joke?' To which he quite clearly replied: 'No it's serious.' The girlfriend hesitated for a moment and then picking up her bag left the scene in a ng words of consolation the host said: 'Sometimes we get a little camera shy,' but the rejected lover departed shortly after with his head hanging low.

Oscar had previously set a noon deadline for GGG to accept his final offer but c'mon with that much money on the line everyone on the planet knew the deadline wasn't REALLY a deadline.  Noon came and went and finally at 2 PM the deal was announced.   Oscar's problem was the GGG's camp wanted a 50/50 revenue share -- and Oscar said that was WAY too much money.  Unclear what the final deal entails.  Here's THE RUNDOWN 21 Savage Pulls Gun At Pool Party Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin: Back Together Roseanne Reboot: Major Hang-Up Kanye West: Star-Studded Birthday Party Upbeat: The presenter was in high spirits as he exited the studio later. You'll never guess the famous celebs that were raised in. 1:36 PM PT -- A law enforcement source tells us during the alleged incident Lincoln grabbed the woman's hands and placed them on his own chest and stomach We're told he then allegedly groped her breasts and grinded up on the woman It all happened on a ship called Spirit of Boston A contestant on the new season of "The Bachelorette" -- who's still in contention -- became a convicted criminal charged with a sex crime just a week before the premiere. 1:33 PM PT -- Keya tells TMZ "I have taken great care of Stan Lee for the past many years and have never had a problem directly with Stan I have a fantastic relationship with him for the past many years as he has stated countless times on the record and I literally saved his life once." He continues "This is a witchhunt by his daughter and her lawyer against me because she cannot stand the fact Stan likes me so much I will 100% prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the allegations against me are false And I will definitely take legal action against anyone who is making up these lies The truth will. 12:18 PM PT -- Kim was just greeted at a residence in Memphis by Alice who gave her a giant hug ONLY ON FOX13: Here is the moment @KimKardashian met Alice Johnson in Memphis STORY: /bO5c0IffEz /ukoyOdayGt Jamie Foxx is being accused of slapping a woman with his penis nearly 16 years ago and although she's now gone to police Foxx says it's an "absurd" lie and he's going after her legally TMZ has learned The alleged assault happened in Las Vegas back in 2002 According to law enforcement the accuser told cops last week she and a friend were attending a party at Jamie's place when he tried to get her to perform oral sex She claims when she refused Jamie struck her in the face with his penis The accuser tells us after the alleged assault one of Jamie's friends told her she had to get out of the house She claims she went to a hospital the next day when she got back home to L.A to get treatment for a severe panic attack. Surprise surprise   Ya just knew Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin were not about to walk away from MILLIONS finally hammering out a deal to set up boxing's long-anticipated rematch this according to Oscar De La Hoya Despite the fact the two sides were at loggerheads for months ODLH tweeted out moments ago that a deal has been made and the fight is set. "it wasn't until #MeToo started that I was like 'Wow maybe that wasn't OK,'" the reality star says of her abusive experience. Several people were injured in the incident -- including multiple UFC fighters and staff.  Conor spent the night in jail and eventually flew back to Ireland But Tuesday McGregor posted a photo in front of a private jet -- presumably the plane he'll take to return to the U.S McGregor is reportedly working on a plea deal with prosecutors -- and since he's facing 7 years in prison if convicted it's in his best interest to cut a deal. It's cool though we like this Justin a. Law enforcement sources tell us Vegas PD lists the case as an open investigation However the statute of limitations has long since run -- it's 3 years in Nevada Jamie's attorney Allison Hart of Lavely & Singer tells TMZ "Jamie emphatically denies that this incident ever occurred and he will be filing a report with the Las Vegas Police Department against the woman for filing a false police report against him The first time [Jamie] became aware of this woman's absurd claims about an incident that supposedly occurred 16 years ago was when TMZ contacted his representatives [Tuesday] about this story." Hart adds "The alleged incident was not reported to law enforcement in 2002 or at any other time in the last 16 years until last Friday because the incident never happened."  Excited: Despite the rather stilted father-of-four Jeremy admitted he was couldn't wait to exchange vows with Vicky but drew the line at having more children Touching on oldest daughter Harriet's recent pregnancy announcement he added: 'I am just going to be a granddad for now.' Harriet is the only child Jeremy shares with his first wife Kirsty who the ITV host married in 1989 before divorcing the following year.A source told The Sun: 'Jeremy is over the moon at Harriet's news It's a very exciting time for the whole family Jeremy can't wait to meet the little one.'  Tmz broke the story Farrah was arrested after allegedly striking and pulling the ear of a hotel security guard We're told she'd been arguing with other guests and when security asked her to leave she got belligerent.   Stan Lee has gone to court to ask for protection against his presumably soon-to-be-ex-business partner and friend Keya Morgan Lee was granted a restraining order in Los Angeles on the heels of Morgan's arrest on suspicion of filing a false police report It was reported Morgan may have lied when he called cops after two suspected gunmen allegedly showed up at Stan's Hollywood Hills home on the night of May 31 demanding money The case type of the newly filed docs is "Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse Prevention." Morgan's been a constant fixture at Lee's side over the last year -- helping create s with the Marvel legend at his home -- and accompanying him to conventions. Calamity: Jeremy Kyle admits his to fiancée Vicky Burton got off to a less than auspicious start during a romantic trip to the Caribbean and his favourite holiday destination BarbadosReflecting on the incident he said: ‘It was in the Caribbean I had been carrying the bag around on the boat to the island. Not only that but Tay was found to be a full-on fraud after it was revealed her mom was using her boss's fancy car and her real estate listings to pump up her daughter's profile. Stan's had a rough year battling pneumonia as well as money issues He filed a BILLION dollar lawsuit last month against POW! Entertainment claiming the company took advantage of him and stole his name He also claimed a former business partner stole his blood and used it to fill pens that would sell as collectables for a fortune and also used it to stamp his signature on certificates of authentication on certain comic books Story developing Photoshoot images of Meghan Markle stripping down could be used in a French court case appealing the compensation paid to Kate Middleton over topless photos that were taken without her permission. Opening up: Speaking to Loose Women on Monday afternoon Kyle admitted his meticulous planning was almost ruined by a stray piece of glass after he produced the ring from.